Multiple Diagnostic Interface 2

As the Next-Generation Digital Vehicle Platform continues to roll out, it will help power some of GM’s all-new models and systems — including electric vehicles, the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, the Cadillac CT4 and some safety, infotainment and connectivity features. This will require using MDI 2 (Multiple Diagnostic Interface) should any diagnosing or programming be necessary for these applications.

These Next-Generation Digital Vehicle Platforms introduce new communication protocols such as CANFD (CAN Flexible Data) and DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocols). Only the MDI 2 (Multiple Diagnostic Interface) can support the new CANFD protocol and Ethernet protocols for programming and diagnostics.

When diagnosing and programming a vehicle that employs one of these platforms, the EL-52100 MDI 2 must be used. EL-47955 MDI 1 does not have the capability to complete programming or setup procedures for these specific applications. Using MDI 1 could result in erroneous data or failed programming events that could lead to unnecessary module replacement.


When programming a vehicle with the Next-Generation Digital Vehicle Platform, the vehicle must be in a Key Off power mode to successfully perform an SPS event. Also, be sure to follow the on-screen vehicle programming prompts during the process.