Working in a busy service center, you know firsthand the slew of available oil filters that are out there to choose from. But, make no mistake; they’re not all the same. When a customer needs a filter for demanding driving situations, look to Ultraguard™ (Specialty) Oil Filters from ACDelco.


Why Ultraguard? First, this premium ACDelco product is designed and engineered to provide outstanding protection in tough conditions, such as racing, off-road driving and for heavy-duty truck applications. In addition, the Ultraguard filtering technology helps ensure tight seals and reduced engine wear. Better still, when you combine the filter’s 98% multi-pass efficiency at 25-30 microns with an increased burst-strength that is five times greater than most normal engine oil operating pressures (that do not exceed 51 psi), Ultraguard remains the clear choice when performance matters.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty shell material is tested to four times the normal engine oil pressure, which helps protect the filter from rock impingement.
  • Heavy-threaded plate helps guard against pressure spikes eight times above normal operating pressure.
  • Ethylene Acrylate Rubber (AEM) premium anti-drainback valve is tested to 347.
  • Heavy-duty steel cover supports a high-temperature gasket tested to 347
  • Spiral-wound steel core is tested to twice the OEM collapse requirement and boasts 30 percent more strength than straight locked core designs.
  • Poppet-style bypass valve (if required) has a heat-treated spring, matching OEM pressure specifications.
  • Blended media is tested beyond normal change intervals.

What’s Inside


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