A/C seals now come grouped in a convenient package


Technicians have a new resource at their disposal when working on a variety of air conditioning units.

ACDelco is introducing a series of AC SEAL KITS that contain all the necessary seals for the air conditioning components they will be servicing, according to Kevin Burger, Product Manager — A/C, Fuel Pumps, Infotainment, Thermostats & Caps.

“If you need to replace the condenser, receiver-dryer and compressor, you would only need the seals contained in this kit to complete the job,” he says. “It’s far more convenient than the standard bulk boxes that contain seals in a number of sizes – most of which you don’t need.”

In addition, the seals in these new kits are made of a material called HNBR, or Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber, that can handle a much wider range of temperatures than standard rubber.

“That means they are designed to withstand the -40°F temperatures of Alaska as well as the 130° temps of Death Valley,” Burger says. “That is the biggest benefit of these seals.”

Nearly 30 part numbers represent kits that can accommodate vehicles that range from model years 1976 through 2016, and include all GM divisions.

For a comprehensive list of the kits and the vehicles they service, you can access the ACDelco Rapid Seal Kits Buyers Guide at ACDelco CONNECTION or in the associated launch bulletin #18D-065.