The redesigned 2021 Tahoe/Suburban and Yukon/Yukon XL models offer an available all-new Air Ride Adaptive Suspension that, among other benefits, improves ground clearance when driving on uneven surfaces. The system employs an automatic level control system and a variable-rate spring design.


Along with providing automatic load-leveling and up to four inches of ride-height adjustment, the suspension can lower to make it easier to enter and exit the vehicle. It has the ability to lower automatically on the highway to improve aerodynamics. And, as cited above, the system can also raise ride height in off-road conditions for additional ground clearance.

The vehicle employs a K5 automatic level control module that oversees system functions and monitors the suspension for proper operation. In addition to managing the driver-selected ride height, the control module uses a range of vehicle parameters to establish a target ride height.

The parameters include:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Lateral acceleration
  • Longitudinal acceleration
  • Throttle position
  • Cruise control status
  • Transmission range selection status


The system’s four air springs (see “1” in graphic) raise or lower vehicle height based on the automatic level control module inputs.


The position sensors (see “2”) send a pulse-width-modulated signal that corresponds to the current height of the vehicle.


When the air suspension system is in service mode, all air suspension operations, including raising and lowering the vehicle and air compressor operation, are disabled.

Service mode is automatically enabled when the vehicle is raised on a hoist or a floor jack. It automatically disengages when vehicle speed exceeds 10 mph. Service mode can be manually enabled and disabled in the vehicle’s Settings menu by selecting the Suspension option.


Note that, if the vehicle automatically enters suspension service mode, it must be driven at a speed of greater than 10 mph to disable service mode, or it can be manually disabled using GDS2.

For additional details on the new Air Ride Adaptive Suspension system, see Doc #20-NA-137 in Service Information.