Never content with the status quo, ACDelco engineers continually research ways to improve and enhance our products, having only one goal in mind — outstanding quality and performance.

Case in point? ACDelco’s new OES (service) Oil Filters.

An upgrade to the current OE parts, these recently launched OES filters feature a new design along with enhanced performance and durability. In fact, these highly clean filters are designed to ensure that they do not introduce any debris or particles into the engine, and are the same parts used on new production vehicles at GM assembly plants.

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OES Filter Part Numbers

(Top Three Selling Supersessions)

Current Filter Replaced by
PF63E 12690385 PF63 12707246
PF63F 19383806 PF63F 19419227
PF63EP6 19422677 PF63P6 19419333
PF48E 12690386 PF48 12710960
PF48F 19383838 PF48F 19420377
PF48EP6 19422674 PF48P6 19420378
PF64 12696048 PF64 12706595
PF64F 19386865 PF64F 19419226
PF64P6 19422678 PF64P6 19419332


The new OES filters feature:

  • A larger cross-section gasket that improves sealing and lock-seam geometry robustness
  • New steel (versus polyester) endcaps that are securely bonded with a hot-melt adhesive
  • A molded nylon center tube
  • Stringent testing that includes two leak tests, one of which occurs with the gasket installed
  • Construction using error-proofing automated assembly equipment

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