Cabin air filters have become a common feature on many of today’s newer vehicles. However, some customers with older model trucks and SUVs haven’t been able to enjoy these products. In fact, many owners aren’t even aware that they don’t have a cabin air filter.

ACDelco’s new GM OE Cabin Air Filter Retrofit Kits* are designed to help prevent pollen, dust, mild spores and other containments from entering the vehicle’s ventilation system. What’s more, these high-quality kits employ GM-recommended replacement components that provide the same performance, durability and service life as factory original equipment.

GM OE Cabin Air Filter Retrofit Kits:

  • Fit most 2007–2014 GM trucks and SUVs
  • Require only a one-time installation and can be reused for each filter replacement
  • Accommodate ACDelco Cabin Air Filters, which can be easily replaced when needed
  • Include the necessary door and bolt for easy installation


Be ready for this sales opportunity by having the kits on hand for your customers, along with a full line of ACDelco GM OE and Professional Cabin Air Filters.


Refer to ACDelco’s electronic catalog for the most up-to-date applications and a complete list of available parts.

*Recirculating air or air entering the vehicle through means other than the fresh air inlet is not filtered.