When replacing the hood latch on a 2016–2018 Chevrolet Camaro, the service replacement part #84678990 will also require the use of connector #19368220.

This new service latch has a three-wire connector while the original latch part #84053842 on model years 2016–2018 will only have a two-wire connector. (GM is working to standardize these parts.)


To proceed, first obtain connector part #19368220 as shown in the GM Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC).

The new connector will come with three leads. The yellow wire needs to remain installed for water intrusion protection. The extra lead needs to be sealed using a DuraSeal splice sleeve and taped back into the harness. See Wire to Wire Repair in Service Information for more information.

The schematic in SI shows a purple wire on the latch; on the new connector, this is a red wire. Connect the red wire on the connector to the BN/GN wire in the vehicle harness. Then, connect the black wire on the connector to the black wire on the vehicle harness.