ACDelco has introduced several products designed to improve overall brake performance.

A new non-chlorinated brake parts cleaner works to remove oil, grease, brake fluid, dirt and contaminants from shoes, drums, springs plates, calipers, pads and rotors.

The cleaner is available in a 55-gallon drum with 45% Volatile Organic Compounds (#10-6027) or 10% VOC (#10-6026), as well as in a 15-oz. aerosol can at 45% VOC (#10-4124) or 10% VOC (#10-4123).

ACDelco also offers two new brake and clutch fluids that are compatible with all disc and drum brake systems while conforming to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard § 571.116.

DOT 3 brake and clutch fluid (#10-4086) contains enhanced inhibitors to resist corrosion and excess wear. DOT 4 brake fluid (#10-4110) is suitable for all applications requiring a DOT 4 performance-level product.

Both either meet or exceed industry standards for wet and dry boiling points, helping to prevent vapor lock.

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