When it’s time to install a new fuel pump in a customer’s vehicle, choosing one of the best aftermarket replacements is easy: ACDelco Gold.

Why? As a premium aftermarket replacement, ACDelco Gold Fuel Pumps provide both you and your customers with peace of mind, knowing that the product is fully backed by General Motors and offers the quality and performance you expect from GM. That makes it the smart choice.

Formerly known as the “Professional” line, ACDelco Gold products — including fuel pumps — are the high-quality alternative to OE parts and they’re manufactured to meet GM expectations for fit, form and function.

From electric and mechanical fuel pumps to fuel pump modules, sensors, strainers and more, ACDelco Gold includes an extensive line of pumps and pump-related products.

Among their many advantages, warranty-backed ACDelco Gold Fuel Pumps:

  • Include fuel level sensors, strainers and fuel pump tank module assemblies
  • Are designed and tested for long-term durability and proper fit for each GM vehicle application
  • Undergo quality checks for uniform appearance to help ensure proper fit for each GM vehicle application

In addition, all pump motors and windings are circuit-checked and tested to ensure proper operation.