| January 2, 2019

Have a taste for adding more high-quality OE parts to your work? R.O. Writer has just put them on the menu for every repair.

In August 2018, R.O. Writer, maker of some of the most popular shop management tools in the market, rolled out a new product version that adds the ability to order OE parts into a shop’s workflow, streamlining the repair process. Previously, the R.O. Writer Shop Management Software System integrated only aftermarkets parts catalogs, forcing shops to contact dealers directly for OE parts.

That’s all changed, and GM is the first OE manufacturer to be part of this ordering revolution. R.O. Writer version 2.3 integrates with OEConnection’s (OEC) RepairLink solution. Shops with the software can:
• Search for GM Genuine Parts directly from open tickets, quotes, estimates or repair orders.
• Post Genuine GM Parts directly to open quotes, estimates and repair orders.
• Send orders to Genuine GM Parts dealers directly through R.O. Writer’s Smart eOrder.

Because R.O. Writer integrates with RepairLink, shops also can take full advantage of GM Parts conquest efforts like the Maintenance Repair Solutions (MARS) pricing program to ensure they get competitive prices.

It’s like having your GM Genuine Parts dealer by your side to make adding OE parts to any job smooth and easy. That’s a boon to both shops and customers who benefit from easy installations and durable repairs using manufacturer tested and warranted products.

If any of this sounds familiar, you might recall that the Mitchell 1 shop management tool not long ago also integrated the OEC RepairLink solution to similarly streamline the ordering and acquisition of OE parts. Now, even more shops will have this capability.

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