| January 2, 2019

Things of real value never go out of style. That includes old friendships, good neighbors and loyalty. In 2019, GM gives a special nod to loyalty with a new program aimed at rewarding independent installers whenever and wherever they purchase any replacement parts from GM.

Dubbed my GM Partner Perks, the new program will effectively replace all other GM rewards programs such as Genuine GM Rewards. It also features some significant upgrades.

Previously, shops picked up points for specific powertrain and collision parts. With my GM Partner Perks, customers earn points, with no restriction, on the full portfolio of GM parts including; GM Genuine Parts, ACDelco, Chevrolet Performance and GM Accessories. What’s more, shops receive points regardless of where parts are purchased.

On March 1, 2019, the new program will go live. You will be able to register at before that time you may indicate your interest in the program at

If you’re already a member of a GM or ACDelco rewards program, you’ll receive an invitation with a link to the site. You’ll also find that some of your business information already will be in the system. Any existing rewards points will be transferred over.

Earning points is simple. Purchases made from GM Parts dealers and ACDelco distributors are automatically captured. Any other purchases are self-reported into the system. From there, the program calculates points and adds them to your account.

Need additional motivation to sign up? You’ll have the opportunity to earn even more points than ever. Powertrain unit purchases will earn points at a flat rate based on benefit package in the my GM Partner Perks also includes a growth bonus that adds on points as shops increase their monthly purchases.
Redeeming all those points will be as easy as ever, the portal will be all new and improved with easy to follow tracking reports. The shopping from the wallet will be the same. You’ll be able to pick up all the great items as before: gift cards to hundreds of retailers, equipment, vacations, new GM vehicles and much more.

Bottom line: Your shop can benefit from installing GM Parts, just as your customers will from investing in a quality product engineered for their vehicles.

Mark your calendar to enroll March 1, 2019. Questions can be referred to your GM Parts dealer, GM field rep or go to

Benefits extend beyond just redeemable points to include national marketing support, training resources and business tools that can help drive profitability, productivity and most importantly, your bottom line. With your first purchase, you can start to take advantage of these exclusive benefits and discounted resources:

You deserve working with a company that provides rewards that can help you put your business at the forefront of the exchange. Let’s dare to venture together.

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