Chevrolet Performance Offers Duramax Block

| November 1, 2018

Following 20 years of service, the Duramax 6.6L engine is finally coming to market with a machined block offering. The brand-new Duramax machined block will join the full range of original equipment service parts available from Chevrolet Performance. The Duramax block (P/N 12651877) is based on the one used with 2010– 2017 LML and LGH-code production engines. It’s compatible with 2010 and newer applications.

Featuring a durable cast iron foundation, the Duramax block includes induction-hardened cylinder walls and five modular iron main bearings. The deep-skirt design and four bolts per main are engineered to bolster the block’s strength and help enable accurate location of the rotating assembly. A die-cast aluminum lower crankcase similarly is designed to strengthen the block while also serving as the lower engine cover, helping to minimize the block’s overall weight. The block provides 1030mm x 990mm bore/stroke capacity.

Chevrolet Performance also offers just about every additional production part to support building the engine, from the rotating assembly, camshaft and cylinder heads, to the injectors, oil pump, rocker covers and more. (See the accompanying chart for a more complete list and part numbers.)
Make the new Duramax, available only from Chevrolet Performance, the building block for your next diesel dynamo.

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