Better Bonds – Use thread locker adhesives properly to perform lasting repairs

| November 1, 2018

Super strong and durable adhesives are increasingly a part of repairs for collision and mechanical work. For these adhesives to do their job, they must be applied correctly. That means repairers must gain a thorough understanding of how these adhesives work and then stick to the recommended application process. ACDelco threadlocker (Genuine GM Parts #19369733) is used in a wide range of GM products. Refer to the following information and directions to ensure you are using it properly for the best possible repairs.

Threadlocker background
ACDelco threadlocker is designed for the permanent locking and sealing of parts to help prevent leakage, contamination and corrosion. Typical applications include the high-temperature locking and sealing of studs, nuts, screws, bolts and fittings. Because of its higher viscosity, ACDelco threadlocker is more suitable for large diameter, coarsely threaded parts. GM recommends it for parts that do not require routine maintenance since future disassembly could become difficult and may require heat.

Application directions
1. Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease.
2. In most cases, you can apply the threadlocker by hand applied from the bottle onto threaded parts.

Compatible Primers
Primers such as Vibra-TITE Excel 611 (Primer N) or Excel 612 (Primer T) can be used. Note: Using primers can result in lower strength. Part performance should be tested after full cure.

Technical Features
Resin: Dimethylacrylate
Color: Red
Fixture Speed w/Primer: <5 seconds
Fixture Speed w/out Primer: 30 min. @ 77° Fahrenheit
Viscosity: (Thixotropic) 9500 cps
Gap Fill: 0.007 in.
Max. Operating Temp: –65° to +450° Fahrenheit
Cured Performance
Full Cure Time: 24 hours @ 68° Fahrenheit
Typical Breakaway Strength: 150–250 in. lbs.
Typical Prevailing Strength: 50–150 in. lbs.

As always, refer to GM instructions for every repair. Using ACDelco threadlocker isn’t difficult and can be a necessary part of performing many GM repairs. The more you know about it, the better your results.

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