TransMission – GM gives ATRA attendees a seat at the head of the class!

| January 5, 2018

A famous saying declares that an investment in education pays the best interest. GM gave attendees at this fall’s 2017 ATRA Powertrain Expo in Las Vegas the opportunity to capitalize on just such a learning experience with an up close and personal look into their industry’s future.

Those lessons began with an opening-day seminar on the all-new 9T50 9 Speed Transmission conducted by GM trainer Jim Rokitski who presented a high-level look at the new transmission’s major components, unique features, and diagnostics.

In 2018, 11 different GM model vehicles will sport the 9T50, firmly planting it in the industry landscape. This education carried over to the GM booth where repairers could get a first-time view of a video on the 9T50 and examine cutaway displays of the transmission for a one-of-a-kind look inside the 9T50’s workings. If that wasn’t enough, Rokitski spent the following two days in the booth answering additional questions and providing recommendations to highly motivated and interested repairers.

Highlights of the GM EXPO Booth
The learning didn’t stop with the 9T50 as GM showcased other new and in-demand products, including:

2017MY 10R80 RWD 10 Speed Transmission. For the new year, nine GM models with rear-wheel drive will benefit from the 10R80’s lower top gear ratio, allowing engines to run at lower speeds, and a 7.39 overall gear ratio spread for improved off-the-line performance.

2006 6L90 Sierra HD 6 Speed Transmission. The venerable 6L90 is commonly paired with V8 engines in GM’s heavy-duty trucks to optimize towing and hauling capabilities.

4L60 Chevrolet Performance Transmission. A long-time, popular choice for rebuild enthusiasts, the 4L60 has found a home in a number of hot rods needing a performance gearbox.

Also showcased were displays on TEHCM vs. TCM technology, transfer case actuator motors, transmission mounts and a number of other components.

OEM Alley
Attendees wanting to increase their knowledge of OE specific products additionally benefited from ATRA’s 2017 floor plan, which made the big three domestic companies neighbors. “GM, Ford, and Mopar all were located in the same area,” says Michelle Francisco, GM Product Specialist for Transmission & Transfer Case Assemblies. “It was nice having us all nearby so we could coordinate together and provide technicians with a better experience.”

Couldn’t make it to ATRA this year? Begin plans for 2018 by checking in at In the meantime, speak to your Genuine GM Parts dealer for more information on the show’s offerings. This kind of education can begin reaping rewards immediately and over the long haul as well.


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