Survival of the Toughest!

| October 6, 2017

Count on durable parts in extreme conditions!

It’s a harsh world inside a transmission. The searing heat, high pressure and hardened metal pieces pushing against one another is no place for wimps— or second-rate parts. Need convincing? Look no further than torque converters.

GM torque converters are constructed to:
– Meet GM original requirements for ATF compatibility, function, and longevity
– Help reduce noise, vibration, and harshness when shifting
– Help optimize fuel economy

Meanwhile, the competition must turn to substitute materials.

Want more proof? Consider transmission sun shells. GM versions feature a heat-treated collar spline and proprietary hardening process that offers strength and durability, reducing the chance of premature failure. Real world tests showed the teeth on GM sun shells intact and the part still functional after 6 million cycles vs. competitor products that were left worn down and unusable.

GM transmission components also benefit from continually enhanced and updated designs that incorporate updates and upgrades and reflect changes from any Technical Service Bulletins. Plus, they’re warrantied.

With GM’s vast experience with its own products, why go elsewhere? Because in the world of transmission repair, brains and brute are the keys to survival.

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