RAP Remote Assisted Programming

| March 23, 2017

Have confidence in your transmission installations with RAP.

Hundreds of new products get introduced at SEMA every year. Some make a big splash; others not so much. One of the best reviewed from the 2016 show could be building your business today.

Say hello to the product taking the top spot in SEMA’s 2017 New Product Awards category, Drew Technologies Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) kit. The RAP is designed to be an affordable solution making a full in-shop transmission installation available anywhere

The kit includes a Windows-based laptop, J2534 device, modem, OEM subscriptions and a battery maintainer. Techs just plug in the kit, call the company’s toll-free number, and the RAP flashes the car remotely.

That’s it.

Read full features and benefits sell sheet for Remote Assisted Programming.


Once the operation is complete, the kit can be packed up until it’s needed again. RAP costs $20 a month to rent, with that charge waived if RAP is used at least twice. There’s also a $40 charge to check for system updates, but that too is waived if an update is available and the customer installs it.

There’s a one-time $125 fee per programming event, which can be passed along to the customer. (Shops, of course, can add on their own service fees.)

Use RAP even modestly and keep it updated, and the kit can easily pay for itself and can make you money. It also means you no longer need to arrange towing and lose repair time moving a vehicle to a dealer site for a service you now provide.

Drew Technologies guarantees success.

RAP is available Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM EST so shops across the nation have access during a standard work week. Use RAP and Drew Technologies will guarantee successful transmission programming.

If the service isn’t for you, simply return the kit. With the exception of a $20 shipping fee (with expedited shipping available), there are no upfront costs. That’s significant incentive to give this product a try and potentially allow RAP to build your reputation.

For more information, go to: www.drewtech.com/RAP/index.html

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