BACK TO SCHOOL – GM Repair Clinics Return in 2017 with New Classes, Training Opportunities

| March 23, 2017

Following a popular and highly successful 2016 run, GM’s Clinics return this year with even more training options and brand new classes to join updated Clinic favorites. New last year, InShop clinics can be held onsite at your shop, these cutting-edge training sessions provide a first-class look at current repairs and a valuable window into the future of automotive service.

New InShop Clinic Topics for 2017:

Advanced Variable Valve Timing (W-EM01-01.01IST) This 1-hour course familiarizes technicians with some of the latest engine technologies found on today’s vehicles, including:  Variable Valve Timing (VVT), Spline Phaser system, Vane Phaser Overhead Cam (OHC) system, and Vane Phaser Overhead Cam (OHC) magnetically controlled system. Special focus is placed on the operation and unique service procedures related to each system.

TEHCM Programming (W-AT02-06.01IST) Another 1-hour course, this class introduces the Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module (TEHCM) and its related components while highlighting related diagnostic and service procedures including TEHCM removal and reinstallation.

New Regular Length Clinic Topics for 2017:

Automatic Transmission Diagnostics (W-AT02-07.01SEM) Class highlights the differences between the 4-speed and 6-speed transmission controls with common diagnostic processes using the SBD process as the foundation. Topics covered include the function and purpose of the inputs and outputs to the transmission control module as well as unique electrical and mechanical testing. Also discussed are diagnostic resources and the purpose and proper use of diagnostic tools.

Automatic Transmission Updates (W-AT02-08.01SEM) Class studies the differences between the first, second and third generations of the Global Front Wheel drive 6-speed transmission. Students are introduced to the new 8l45/90 Hydra-Matic 8 speed transmissions found in the latest Corvette, Chevrolet and GMC Pickups, with a look at specifications and gear ratios and an overview of major components. Topics discussed include unique service procedures, the new shift adapt learn process and SPS programming using the Transmission Unique Number and Part Unique Number.

Diesel Emissions and Exhaust Aftertreatment (W-EP08-37.01SEM) Course covers Diesel engine emission systems in modern passenger cars and light trucks. Featured topics are:  The major and minor components of diesel exhaust emissions and the legislative requirements that drive these emission control systems; Internal engine emission controls; and exhaust after-treatment including the oxidation catalyst, particulate filter, NOx and SCR catalysts, and diesel exhaust fluid.

EVAP Diagnosis (W-FC02-02.01SEM) Clinic provides an overview of evaporative emissions and the systems that control them. Topics include the function of the fuel tank ventilation system, charcoal canister, purge and vent valves, fuel tank pressure sensors, Leak Detection Pumps (LDP) and other components. Discussions focus on the strategies and function of Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) and Engine Off Natural Vacuum (EONV), including the diagnosis of P0440, P0442, and other EVAP system DTCs.

As always, all GM Training Clinics are free of charge, and students receive a certificate upon course completion. Contact your Genuine GM Parts Dealer today for more information and a complete list of courses.

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