Matinee Idol. 6.0L V-8 steps into the spotlight.

| December 9, 2016

Patience is a virtue — apparently both for people and truck engines alike.

After spending the last several years dutifully powering GM’s full-size heavy duty pickup trucks, vans and SUVs, the 6.0L LC8 (part # 12640084) is having a coming out party of its own. The tough-as-nails, brawny powerplant now is available for order as a turnkey engine that can be dropped into a host of vehicles, projects, boats—“pretty much wherever you can make it fit,” says Grant Powers, engine product specialist with GM Customer Care & Aftersales (GM CCA).

Gas and CNG/LPG Options
Like most great leading men (and women!), the 6.0L LC8 is the strong, silent type, with the versatility to take multiple roles. Suited up in a cast iron frame, the Gen IV small-block V-8 belts out 324 hp and 241 ft. lbs of torque @ 4600 RPMs on gasoline; and 282 hp with 210 ft. lbs of torque @ 4800 RPMs on CNG (compressed natural gas). Hardened valve seats make it compatible for use with Dedicated Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

The 6.0L LC8 also carries a pedigree for long-lasting service. Part of an engine family validated under extreme conditions, the 6.0L stands out after being dynamometer-tested to the equivalent of 200,000 miles; that’s 50,000 miles more than other Gen IV engines. It passed stringent durability testing that included cycling engines between the peak torque and peak horsepower rpm points (equivalent to towing a heavy trailer up a steep grade for 600 straight hours).

Not one to brag, the 6.0L LC8 brings all that muscle to bear with a quiet sureness made possible thanks to:
• Special friction-reducing polymer coating on piston skirts
• Full-floating piston pins
• Damping patch on the oil pan (externally mounted)
• Timing chain tensioner

Paired with those sound dampening pieces are a laundry list of long-life engine components designed to reduce maintenance intervals and costs:
• Iridium-tip spark plugs
• Long-life engine coolant
• Accessory drive belt provisions
• Sealing gaskets

Dependability, smooth running strength and adaptability — if there was an Academy Award for most original engine performance, the 6.0L LC8 would be the odds-on favorite to win.

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