Get Your Shop Into Gear Faster with GM’s No-Charge Transmission Programming Offer

| March 11, 2016

GM is making the case that some of the best things in life really are free.

GL 45A special offer on 6-speed GM transmissions includes a no-cost, two-day programming subscription to TIS2WEB. The site includes information to program the Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module (TEHCM), which must be flashed for the transmission to operate.

Shave a Day Transmission Replacements

Shops no longer need to schedule help from a mobile provider or transport the vehicle to a dealer to finish a transmission job. Instead,
they receive direct help to perform this task themselves using the following steps:
Step 1. Purchase a Genuine GM Parts 6-speed transmission from a GM dealer.
Step 2. Call GM PCC at 1-866-453-4123.
Step 3. Provide the transmission part and serial numbers, along with the automotive VIN.
Step 4. Receive a promo code for the TIS2WEB subscription.Insights Table

The shop has 48 hours to redeem the promotion.

To do this:

• Go to

• Select TIS2WEB from the Tools section; click Subscribe to TIS2WEB Now and register.

• From there, log into the system, choose Service and Programming Information and click Service Programming Only.

When it comes time to checkout, enter your PROMO code. The TEHCM programming data can then be loaded into a scan tool. A series of easy-to-read interactive screens direct the programming, tracks progress and provides final steps. Have questions on programming? Immediate help is available from the Technical Information System link at or by calling ACDelco Aftermarket Support at 1-888-212-8959 All that’s left is receiving payment, along with a big thanks from relieved customers who can get their vehicles back sooner than ever. That’s free as well.


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