New, Revised Training Topics In Place for GM Technical Training Clinic Program

| July 10, 2015

Wrench closeupGM Customer Care & Aftersales is expanding its commitment to Independent Shop technical education in 2015.

GM CCA is adding four brand new service topics to its course offerings in the GM Technical Training Clinic program. The clinics are hosted by GM Parts dealers and the dealer invites their local independent shops to attend the FREE training.


The new clinics address areas certain to be of interest to Independent Shops. Two clinics, HVAC Technology and Service and Brake Service Tips, examine technological advances making that work more challenging. Today’s Top Service Concerns offers a wide-ranging discussion of emerging challenges in diagnostics and repair procedures.TEHCM Programming reviews procedures for working with the Transmission Electronic Hydraulic Control Module for GM 6-speed transmissions.

“We evaluated the entire program with an eye toward keeping the topics fresh, relevant and on top of new automotive technology,” says Amy Hartley GM CCA wholesale channel associate.

“That meant taking a look at offerings that covered technologies that were no longer as relevant and removing or tweaking them, and adding new courses that cover important automotive
technologies that most impact shops today.”

GM CCA spent months reviewing and evaluating the clinic program. The effort drew on input from trainers, dealers and independent shops. The combined insights helped GM CCA refine their
course offerings.

“Feedback from the field team and our customers was essential to determining the expansion of our clinic program and its more comprehensive offerings,” says Dale Tripp, manager, engineering, training, quality and brand protection. “What we’re offering now is very responsive to what our customers are looking for in the area of GM education and training.”

GM CCA has been expanding the geographic reach of the Technical Training Clinic Program. A network of experienced and knowledgeable trainers has been assembled. Now scores of GM Parts dealers across the country are able to host training for independent shops in their local markets.

In addition to refining the service clinic offerings, GM CCA has been revamping the collision repair component of the clinic program. Clinic offerings for Independent Body
Shop customers of GM Parts dealers have been extensively updated and enhanced.

“We’re fielding a total of 12 brand new clinics this year in hopes of keeping training topics fresh and on top of new technology,” says Hartley.

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