Talking TEHCM: GM Adds New TEHCM Programming Clinic to Training Offerings

| April 1, 2015

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GM’s commitment to put more independent shops into the GM 6-speed automatic transmission repair and replacement business has taken a proactive new turn in 2015.

GM Customer Care & Aftersales recently added “TEHCM Programming” to its GM Training Clinic curriculum. This newest addition to the training program is made available to independent shops by GM dealers. GM wholesale dealers can offer these clinics to independent shops free of charge.

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The TEHCM class explores the Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module, a key component of GM 6-speed automatics that must be properly “flashed” in the course of repair and replacement work.

Understanding the TEHCM — its functional role in 6-speed operation and how to properly flash it when conducting repairs or installing replacement transmissions— is critical to a shops ability to catch what could be a rising tide of GM 6-speed work. More aging GM vehicles equipped with 6-speeds are candidates for transmission service work each year. Trained and knowledgeable shops have a role in restoring their operation, either through repairs or outfitting them with GM remanufactured transmissions.

GM CCA has been pushing TEHCM information out to shops since 2013. It has used industry show venues like the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) annual event to stage TECHM overviews. The new clinic builds on those efforts, but takes a much deeper dive into the subject.

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Over the course of 2–3 hours, an expert GM technical trainer dissects the unit and its related components, highlights key diagnostic and service procedures and reviews proper removal and reinstallation. A substantial portion of the clinic is devoted to reviewing step-by-step procedures for properly programming the unit using a J2534 device or scan tool and a properly configured laptop computer.

A thorough understanding of the TEHCM and its programming is essential because the unit is the “brains” integrating electronic and hydraulic functions of the transmission and engine, ensuring optimal shifting, peak fuel economy, extended operating life and overall transmission performance. It must be programmed to recognize either a newly installed transmission or component changes to the existing transmission or TEHCM itself.

No-Cost TIS2WEB Subscription

As with other vehicle module programming and diagnostics, TEHCM programming is accomplished via a TIS2WEB interface, which requires a subscription. Again in 2015, GM is giving shops purchasing a GM 6-speed automatic transmission assembly limited complimentary access to TIS2WEB programming. With each qualifying transmission purchase during the year, shops will get a two-day, no-charge TIS2WEB subscription allowing them to reprogram the TEHCM as part of a new transmission installation for a customer.

multi-di@g access j2534 pass-thru obd2 device v20112

The procedure for gaining the promotional access to TIS2WEB is simple. Following receipt of the transmission, shops can call GM Powertrain Contact Center at 1-866-453-4123, and provide the transmission part, serial and VIN number. A PROMO code is then provided, enabling the two-day TIS2WEB Service subscription.


Shops taking advantage of an opportunity to learn TEHCMs top to bottom in the newest GM Parts Training Clinic will be well positioned to tackle the critical programming task. Those intrigued by the prospects the 6-speed market offers — some 11 million 2007-2015 GM vehicles equipped with 6-speeds are on the road today — should stay alert to announcements from dealers as to clinic availability. Better yet, they can let their dealer know that they’re interested in learning more about the TEHCM and taking advantage of what promises to be a growing market opportunity.

“We’re confident that the new TEHCM Programming clinic will offer both the introductory background and in-depth information that shops need to evaluate the prospects of taking part in this exciting new area of business opportunity,” says Michelle Francisco, GM CCA product specialist, transmission & transfer case assemblies.

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