GM Hosts TEHCM Training Clinic at 2014 ATRA Show

| October 31, 2014

GM’s TEHCM … YOU Can Fix ‘EM!

Las VegasOn the opening day of the 2014 ATRA Show in Vegas, GM took center stage with a class on TEHCM programming and diagnostics.  GM Instructor Dan Nagy from GM’s Western region taught the class to room filled to capacity.

The educational session focused on easy ways to diagnose problems and how to program transmission electro hydraulic control modules (TEHCMs).  Keeping things straightforward, Dan started with the basics of the GM 6-speed transmissions, which were initially introduced in 2007 and have since become standard in many vehicles.

You’ll find TEHCMs in all front and rear wheel drive GM 6-speeds.  In rear wheel drive vehicles the TEHCM is located inside the transmission fluid pan.  In front wheel drive vehicles, the TEHCM are located under the valve body cover.   In removing the TEHCM, it is critical to use caution or you may damage the unit.

Class frontThe techs attending, interacted with Dan through active Q&A and many tips were exchanged so the training was easily digestible and fast paced.  Trying to narrow a typical eight-hour class down to 75 minutes takes skills and a clear vision of the “must-knows” in diagnosing TEHCM related issues.Dan Nagy

Getting Started with Programming Requires the Right Tools 

Dan shared where you’ll find GM IT standards, which are critical to check before you go out and acquire a computer to run GM diagnostics software/programming subscriptions.  When buying a computer, you will be advised to select from this list of specs for recommended computers.

Closing the loop, Dan reminded the techs in attendance that training, similar to what they just experienced, is also available on a local level.  He added, “Check with your local GM Wholesale dealer to learn if they are hosting any GM Technical training seminars close to your shop.”

The current class offering from GM spans over 30 training topics.  And just like the TEHCM seminar at ATRA, the GM training is free to attend when it’s hosted by your local GM dealer.

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